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Meet Tom and Anne-Marie. They are proof that inspiration can come from anywhere. I am inspired on a weekly bases from clients here at CCC, but they take the cake. Not only are they wellness clients at the office, but they also are members of the box that I, and many other clients, belong ( Seeing these two bust out workouts at 60 and 66 years of age truly gets me through some of those grueling workouts. Here is what Anne-Marie had to say about the office:

“Dr. Fisher has helped me out greatly. I have much less overall stiffness/discomfort and am able to keep up with my training regimen! Which I greatly appreciate at age 66. I appreciate Dr. Fisher’s explanation of care and how he gives me recommendations outside of the office to improve my flexibility and posture. Dr. Fisher listens and has a very caring approach with his treatments. Definitely give them a try!”