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“I love Dr. Fisher and the office staff. He has helped me with chronic back and neck pain. He helped encourage me to try the standing desk at work, it changed my life. With his help, my shoes are fitted with proper inserts (I am just 30 but it is never too early). He helped adjust a very painful heal spur. And, the best one yet, I tore my ACL last year. When I called the office to cancel my chiropractor appointment as it was the same day as my surgery, I got a call back in no time from Dr. Fisher himself to check on me. He asked who my surgeon was and made sure I was going the correct route. I didn’t ask him to do this, but he takes such good care of his patients. Then, after surgery I was struggling with pain in my foot below the knee that was fixed. The surgeon acted like I was crazy. When I told Dr. Fisher he assured me he could help and in no time the pain was corrected. Thank you Dr. Fisher for being my healer and go to for any issue.””