Chiropractic care is safe and effective for the entire family.  We treat musculoskeletal conditions using specific chiropractic adjustments to restore optimal motion and function to the spine and other body areas. Your care may include stretching, exercises, and instruction on changes to daily activities.

Dr. Fisher high-fives a small boy, who is smiling.

Manual Manipulation

Doctor pressing hands on back of patient

An adjustment using the hands is the most common chiropractic adjustment.  It uses fast, gentle thrusts to the spine or other joints to normalize proper movement. You may hear small pops with this type of adjustment.


Dr. Cooley showing the activator

Drs. Cooley and Rogers are Advanced Proficiency Rated in Activator Technique.  The activator technique helps reset muscles, nerves, joints, and tendons affected by chronic stressors or trauma.  It is gentle and can be used to assist in resetting posture.  It is also an effective treatment for children and older adults.


Dr. Fisher performing flexion-distraction

A form of therapy using a unique treatment table that helps loosen lower back muscles, open up the spine’s joints, and relieve pressure on the discs. It treats sciatica pain and pain caused by pinched or irritated nerves.

Extremity Adjusting

Dr. Adkins putting hand pressure on patient's shoulder

Using Diversified and Activator to adjust the hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows and wrists often helps with injuries and pain in the extremities.


Dr. Fisher applies his hands to a patient's neck to assist stretching.

We can speed recovery by loosening muscles and tissue around the affected area using various stretching and soft tissue techniques.

Who Benefits from Chiropractic Care


The effects of chiropractic care during pregnancy extend way beyond treating back pain. At Creekside Chiropractic Center, Drs. Rogers and Fisher have extensive training in the proper care and treatment of an expecting mom and are certified Webster Technique doctors.

During pregnancy, the pelvis and spine must function correctly and in alignment for the best possible pregnancy and delivery. The Webster Technique helps ensure the developing baby has plenty of room to grow, vital to the health of both mom and her baby.


Dr. Fisher working with a small boy.

Little ones need care too! Not only do physical stressors affect your child’s health, kids today live a busier and more stressful life than ever before. Like receiving dental care, little ones need regular Chiropractic care to counter these stressors and live optimally.


Dr. Adkins works on a woman's arm

We have experience working with athletes of all levels, from weekend warriors to retired professional athletes.

Older Adults

In older adults, chiropractic adjustment helps improve balance and mobility.