Meet Emma. One of our wonderful kids here at CCC!! Emma came in for CHRONIC constipation issues and back pain…at 7 years old. When born, Emma had to have braces on her legs, which, consequently, had caused other postural issues over the past 7 years. She had been on daily Miralax for YEARS with zero results. After being examined, not only was her gait altered, it was affecting her spine’s ability to function properly. After her 1st adjustment her mom stated an increase in… bowel frequency…now, after a few weeks of spinal adjustments, proper supplementation with pro-biotics/natural herbal supplements and dairy elimination, her mom had the following report:

“Emma has had a MAJOR improvement in her posture and digestion. She no longer complains (about her stomach and back), and says she feels better… would highly recommend CCC. The customer service is wonderful! Everyone is very friendly welcoming. My daughter loves going to see Dr. Fisher!”

Now, Emma won’t be ingesting Miralax (aka antifreeze) for the rest of her life and her body can function properly.

Again, we love what we get to do everyday…Changing lives, one adjustment at a time!!

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